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Customer comment

Just wanted to let you know I received my props in the mail yesterday.... thank you very much they are beautiful props. 

Excellent Quality

The prop was delivered today and your company is excellent on quality it was worth the wait. It is well built and should serve my purpose very well, thank you for such a high quality propeller.


Customer Praise

I have built a model tugboat called SEGUIN from an older, no longer available, kit by Mid West (USA). I did not like the supplied plastic prop in the kit. I searched your site and found the best prop and shaft. When my package arrived I was overwhelmed at the quality of the craftsmanship in the brass prop, so beautiful....

Satisfied Customer

Hi. I got the prop this past weekend…….. Already installed and it looks and works great!

You can see how manoeuvrable it is with the prop and kort system.

Thanks again for all your help.

Excellent Service Provided

"The package arrived today in the mail - safe and sound. Very Many Thanks - the new parts are beautiful. Thanks again for the excellent service. "

Customer Compliment

Just a quick note to say "Thank You very much" - this order arrived safely today. The workmanship is beautiful and will really complement the model.

***Customer Compliment***

Email received from Prop-Shop customer.   Email states, "Hello, I have just got home from holiday to receive my order which was for a M4 brass tube and a 2022 scale 4 bladed prop.  I am absolutely delighted and the prop looks like a work of art, if I manage to build the rest of the boat to anywhere near...

Fabulous Feedback

Today, we have received a superb email from one of Prop-Shop's customers.  It reads as follows :

"Dear Simon and Staff,  You recently supplied me with counter rotating props for my Fairley Hunstman model cruiser, I wish to say that they perform perfectly with good scale speed and more than acceptable battery duration.  An excellent service that I will have no...

**Customer Compliment**

We recently received a lovely email, from one of our many customers, who on this particular occassion was experiencing problems.  His email read "Last Monday I spoke to you about some problems on my hudl.  You solved them all and you supplied two props to me by the next day.  The boat goes brilliantly with my two shiny new bras...

**Super Feedback**

Today, Prop-Shop received a lovely email from one of our many, overseas customers, Australia to be precise!!

The email read, "Prop Shop, Props arrived today in Australia, they are so beautiful and the service exceptional.  Thanks"

Thank you for all your feedback, it really it appreciated.

**Customer Compliment**

Thank you to one of our customers from Wales, who has recently sent us this email:-

"Hullo Dawn, With my most grateful thanks for the double prop delivery this week which I am delighted to report are perfect, just as one is accustomed to, from the world's leading model propeller craftsman. It is good to have the option of comparing...

~Customer Compliment~

On 26th February, we received a lovely telephone call from one of Prop-Shop customer.  Thanking Simon for the props he has recently received.  He is extremely happy with the quality and finish.

We do appreciate all comments from our customers.


Customer's 2.4m Catamaran

A customer of Prop-Shop, has kindly sent us several pictures of his beautiful 2.4m Catamaran (See image attached).  As you can see, it is using a pair of our CRC/7016/4 in stainless steel.

Hopefully, later on in the year we will receive pictures of this customers 92inch catamaran with twin RCMK 50cc engines using our propellers too.

A huge thank you for sharing...

Customer Feedback

Another great email received from one of our overseas customers. "Hi, the prop arrived!! worked out great, many thanks till next time"

Customer Feedback

Email received from a customer of Prop-Shop, who will be attending the International Model Boat Show at Leamington Spa this weekend.(8th/9th November 2014). He comments; "thanks guys, great service, see you at the show?"

Customer Comments

Email received today from customer in Australia.  His comments are very much appreciated.  This is what he said "Thanks for the great service, once again the props arrived today in excellent condition."